‘From America’s Mayor To American Crime Story’: Ana Navarro Blames Trump For Dragging Giuliani Down


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Ana Navarro made it clear Friday that she blamed former President Donald Trump for the downfall of his personal attorney and former Republican New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Navarro made the comments during her regular Friday appearance on ABC’s “The View,” arguing that Trump should be very concerned about the fact that his personal attorney’s home had been the target of a raid. (RELATED: ‘White Slavery’: Ana Navarro Says Kevin McCarthy Visiting Trump And ‘Kissing The Ring’ Looked Like Slave And Master)


“Ana, you know, I always say the fish stinks from the head,” co-host Joy Behar said, turning the question to Navarro. “How concerned should his former boss Donald be about this?”

“Look, Rudy was his ride-or-die, was his private attorney. And I would say any time your private attorney is getting raided by the feds you should be worried, whether you’re Donald Trump or anybody else,” Navarro replied. “It would certainly worry me.”

Navarro went on to say that she had know Giuliani for years and that she thought he had changed dramatically in recent years. Noting that in general, public officials did not make a lot of money, Navarro said she believed the former NYC mayor had gotten caught up in the lifestyle that came with being connected to the right people.

“He got increasingly desperate for relevancy. He got desperate to fund the lifestyle. He’s gone through divorces. He has homes in the Hamptons, in Palm Beach, in New York, private planes, an entourage, the entire thing. It led to him making increasingly bad decisions,” Navarro continued. “I have not seen a more precipitous fall than Rudy Giuliani.”

“It’s like Donald Trump has the reverse Midas touch. Instead of everything he touches turning to gold, everything he touches turns to mold, turns to trash, turns to fungus,” Navarro said, clearly implicating the former president in Giuliani’s apparent downfall. “He’s gone from being America’s Mayor to American Crime Story … This is really a sad, sad ending and chapter, last chapter for Rudy Giuliani, I think. It’s kind of pathetic.”

Giuliani’s home was raided pursuant to claims that he had failed to properly register before working with Ukrainian officials. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.