Protect Your Vehicle From Damage And Theft With This Cutting-Edge Security System

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Throw out everything you know, or thought you knew, about car security systems. That’s because the BMMPR One Car Security System breaks new ground and gives your vehicle the ultimate in protection.

BMMPR One is connected to your car or truck through your OBD-II port and the cloud thanks to a built-in cellular connection. It then uses integrated sensors to detect bumps, break-ins, and more. When an incident does take place, it sends out an alert within two seconds.

The device also works to help you find your car, whether it’s been stolen or misplaced. No more wandering the parking garage or the mall lot forgetting where you parked. Using GPS, it will pinpoint the exact location at any given moment. The 24/7 monitoring will give you peace of mind, knowing your car is being watched even when you’re not around.

To say the reviews have been positive would be an understatement. Gadget Review proclaimed that it might be the best car alarm ever, while Business Insider labeled it the best car accessory their staff saw at CES 2020, where it was named an Innovation Honoree Award Winner.

The device will measure three different levels of detection, depending upon the impact on your car. If someone brushes by it, you’ll get a low detection. There are also medium and high levels when your car has been hit or broken into. The entire unit works off of Bluetooth and 4.1 GPS, making it cutting edge.

Protecting your car is worth a lot of money, and you can normally get the BMMPR One Car Security System for $399. But for a limited time, you can get it for just $339 thanks to a $60 reduction at checkout when you use coupon code AUTO339.

Prices subject to change.


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