STUDY: Men Who Wear Clothing With Large Logos Are Viewed As More Sexually Promiscuous

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Women should apparently be cautious about men who wear clothing with large logos.

According to the Daily Mail, evolutionary psychologist Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan conducted a study about what large logos on clothing tell us about a man’s sexual habits, and you might want to hide anything you own with gigantic symbols on it. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The study results stated in part:

Men owning shirts with larger luxury brand logos were rated higher on mating effort, lower on parental investment, higher on interest in brief sexual affairs, lower on interest in long-term committed romantic relationships, higher in attractiveness to women for brief sexual affairs, lower in attractiveness to women for long-term committed relationships, and higher in developmental environment unpredictability compared with men owning shirts displaying a smaller logo.

To sum it up for us simpletons, the Daily Mail wrote that the study suggests men who wear large logos “are seen as being more promiscuous and less trustworthy and reliable.”

So, if he’s a cheater or trying to find a new woman, he might be rocking big logos! If they have a huge logo, they might not be the most trustworthy guy you’ve ever met! Tread carefully.

As weird as this might sound, the results of this study don’t really shock me at all. Here’s a fun story for everyone. A few years ago, I went shopping for some new clothes with a woman, and she was a huge fan of big logos.

I told her that I never wear anything with big logos. I refuse to do it. I’ll wear a Nike sweater with a small swoosh or an Under Armour hoodie if the logo is barely noticeable.

I’ve always believed that people who wear clothes with big logos are posers with insecurity issues trying to compensate for something they don’t have.

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As the study pointed out, large logos are seen by some as economic security and social standing. Only an idiot believes that. I know some incredibly wealthy people (I’m definitely not one of them), and they wear blue jeans and flannels.

If you’re wearing something with a big logo in an attempt to impress women, then I’m afraid you’re not even aware of the game you’re playing.

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People who are actually rich and can provide economic security for a woman and kids in a future marriage know it. They don’t have to tell the world. They just check their bank accounts from time to time.

Let me put this as simply as I possibly can. If you measure social and economic standing by clothing, then you’re an idiot. It’s like the kind of person who buys a $75,000 vehicle and looks down at the guy driving a $25,000 truck with 500 acres of land. Some people are just too stupid to realize how messed up their outlook is.

I could go on and about this subject without getting tired, but I’ll leave you with this. Dress in a way that you enjoy and doesn’t make you look like a compensating clown.

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