‘Heading For A Real Bruising In 2022’: Dana Perino Warns That Democrats Might Overplay Their Hand

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Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Fox News host Dana Perino predicted that Democrats might overplay their hand and lose seats in the 2022 midterm elections, pointing out that even Democrats such as James Carville have warned that continuing to push “wokeness” and “cancel culture” sets a dangerous precedent.

“There’s a saying in Washington, ‘Never mistake a referendum for a mandate,'” Perino stated during “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace. “I think that Ron Klain, the chief of staff, who I think is behind a lot of this big ambition, that he felt like Obama just did not do enough, and he didn’t do it fast enough,” she said in response to Wallace talking about the Biden administration giving out $1,400 stimulus checks.


“They want to get as much as they can, do as quickly as they can do it before they start to settle in,” Perino continued. “But, here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s just this issue. I think the inflation issue is very real, but the House Republicans didn’t lose a single incumbent last year.”

“They’ve got really good recruiting this time around and they’ve got something to push up against, and that is going to be just one; history is on their side,” explained Perino, who worked under former President George W. Bush as White House press secretary. “A president usually loses members of his own party during that first midterm.”

Historically, a current president’s political party usually loses seats during mid-term elections. However, both former Presidents Bill Clinton and Bush are the few presidents who have seen their party actually gain seats in the mid-term elections during their presidency, according to Forbes.

Perino continued on to point out that even Democratic strategist James Carville has warned that the Democrats are “heading for a real bruising in 2022” if they continue pushing “wokeness” and “cancel culture.” (RELATED: ‘Looking Down At People’: Longtime Democratic Strategist Issues Warning To His Party)

On April 27, Carville previously admitted that the Democratic Party did not want to admit that “wokeness is a problem” because they don’t want to be “clobbered or canceled.”