‘Everyone Loves The IRS’: Chris Christie Jokes Biden May Finally Unify America — Against Himself — With Tax Hikes

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Chris Christie said Sunday that President Joe Biden may finally unify Americans around their hatred of the Internal Revenue Service with his tax hikes.

Christie joined a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week” and argued that opposition to tax increases might ultimately be the glue that brings Americans together — and he warned that it might not be a good thing for the Biden administration. (RELATED: ‘He Is Lying To Cause Racial Divisions’: Chris Christie Unloads On Joe Biden)


Anchor Martha Raddatz began the segment by noting that pushing big government — along with the necessary tax increases that come with that — was likely to be a gamble for the Biden administration.

Former Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pushed back, arguing that between the number of people who supported Biden outright and those Republicans who no longer wanted to be associated with former President Donald Trump, the president was enjoying broad support for his plan.

“Let’s listen to what Rahm just said,” Christie replied. “Get ready, everybody, for a new weaponized, aggressive, in your face in every aspect of your life, Internal Revenue Service.”

“Boy, that’s bringing people together, that’s a real uniting force for the American people. Because everyone loves the IRS,” Christie added sarcastically. “Let’s have them in every aspect of your life to see if they can squeeze another nickel out of your pocket for Joe Biden to spend. I’m sorry, that’s not what this country is all about.”

Christie went on to add that Biden had run as a moderate who would do everything he could to unite Americans across party lines, but was instead governing more like Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders might.

“I’m willing to let that take some time for American people to have that sink in,” Christie added, going on to joke that Biden was “getting a little bit better” with regard to putting forth plans that actually tackle the problem they claimed to address. “He had a COVID-19 relief bill where only 10% of the money was spent on health care. He’s now proposed an infrastructure where 24-25% is actually infrastructure, and we’re applauding that because the first bill was so bad.”