Students Tell Biden Virtual Learning Allowed Them To Fake Glitches To Get Out Of Questions, Take Naps

YouTube/Screenshot/WTVR CBS 6

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Students revealed to President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden that virtual learning allowed them to fake technical glitches, take naps, and eat snacks during class.

The president and first lady visited Yorktown Elementary School on Monday and talked to fifth grade students about their experiences with virtual learning, Fox News reported.

“If you don’t know the question, you can just pretend like your mic doesn’t work,” one student said.

“Sometimes when Ms. B was like, paying attention to something else, you could eat and it was fun,” another student said.

The students also had mixed reactions on their overall experience with virtual learning.

“I didn’t like virtual. It was terrible,” one student replied.

“I liked it,” said a fifth grader at the school.

“It was difficult with all the glitches, but it ended up being pretty good. I definitely prefer it this way,” another student told the president and first lady. (RELATED: Biden Goes All In On Calls For Extreme Gun Control)

The teacher of the class, who goes by the name of Ms. B., emphasized the advantages of classes in the school to the president.

“Our students actually have a lot of opportunities to work hands-on with materials like this all the time. My class knows I love science so I try to incorporate as much hands-on activity as possible,” Ms. B said. “With York County’s return-to-school plan, our students, yes, they’re distanced, they have their masks on, they have their shields for their extra safety measures and their desks are wiped down.”

The president was in Virginia to promote his “Getting America Back on Track” tour and stopped at a community college in addition to the elementary school, CNN reported.

“Because we’re in a race. We’re in a race. It all starts with access to good education,” Biden said while speaking at Tidewater Community College.

President Biden previously stated that schools should probably all be open beginning in the Fall, CNN reported.

“Based on the science and the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], they should probably all be open. There’s not overwhelming evidence that there’s much of a transmission among these people, young people,” Biden told NBC.