‘Shut Up You Stupid B*tch’: Train Passengers Scream At Woman To Mask Up Despite Pleas That She Doesn’t ‘Feel Well’

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Several New York train passengers tried to oust a maskless passenger who said she wasn’t “feeling well,” according to a video posted Saturday to TikTok.

@khlittlejohn12pm on the LIRR… Long Island is healing #LongIsland #LIRR #NYC♬ original sound – Kyle Littlejohn

The video began with a woman screaming on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), “I’m sick and I don’t feel well! I don’t feel well! I don’t feel well!” The video was uploaded by @khlittlejohn. (RELATED: Woman Screams At People During Anti-Lockdown Protest In Viral Twitter Video)

“Put your fucking mask on,” multiple people yelled.

The woman repeated that she wasn’t feeling well. She screamed, “I don’t feel well!”

The passengers responded by saying they did not care about her “feelings,” including one man who yelled, “Shut up, you stupid bitch!”

“No one cares about your feelings,” a passenger said.

Dozens of voices on the railroad car could be heard berating the woman at once, who became increasingly agitated as the kerfuffle continued.

“You’re so selfish,” someone said.

When the maskless passenger screamed again, this time much louder, that she did not feel well and that she would have to leave the train.

In unison, the masked passengers screamed again, “Get off!”

“Asshole,” a passenger hurled at the woman.

The rest of the recording is inaudible and includes screeches and screams.

Another similar incident occurred at a Walmart in Anchorage, Alaska last September when employees kicked out a customer who refused to wear a mask. In August, a son carried his father out of a store who was berating a store employee for wearing a mask. This past January, a mask-less woman threw a cart at a young man at a Ralphs in Los Angeles after she claimed he touched her.