Print Your Photos Anywhere, Anytime With This Pocket-Sized Device

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Having a camera to take high-quality pictures is one of the best technological inventions of the 21st century. But sometimes you want a physical copy of a photo, and that’s hard to do unless you have a printer set up at home. That all changes with the HP Sprocket portable photo printer.

This device fits into your pocket, purse, or backpack and allows you to print 2-inch by 3-inch photos anytime, anywhere. The prints come out with a sticky back, allowing you to display them anywhere to make your space and walls more creative. Or stick them to an index card to make them like a traditional print to put in your wallet or put in a small frame.

The printer, which weighs less than a pound, works in conjunction with the HP Sprocket app and allows you to customize your photos prior to printing. You can add borders and stickers, or print directly from social media or your camera roll.

You can easily view photo libraries in the app, share photo albums with others, and get recommendations for the best photos in a collection.

The printer works using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so once you’ve connected the first time, you’ll always be good to go. It can also connect to multiple devices, so a single printer can be used by an entire family or group of friends. And taking it out and about isn’t n issue, as the printer works reliably in temperatures from 41 to 104 degrees.

The printer will hold 10 sheets of paper at a time, allowing you to print that many photos before having to reload with additional paper. Those who have used the device have found it to be outstanding, rating it 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

You can get in on the fun as well. You can pick up the HP Sprocket portable photo printer now for just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.


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