‘We Gotta Get God Back In Our Schools’: NFL Player On Solving The Economic Divide

(Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Leigh Steinberg)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Former NFL player Jack Brewer talked about the need to “get God back in our schools” in order to bridge the racial and economic divide in the country.

“We gotta get God back in our schools,” the former player told the Daily Wire in a piece published Tuesday. “I’m a believer in that. And most importantly, we gotta get discipline back in our schools because when you’re raised in discipline, then you demand discipline from other people as well.” (RELATED: Nick Searcy Talks About Latest Film Dealing With God In America And Retuning To Our ‘Religious Roots To Save’ The Country)

“And right now we’ve gotten so free — when they pulled the paddles out of the schools in the mid eighties — that’s where this all started,” he added. “I say it all the time, some kids need the paddle. They need that, that fear of authority being able to tell them what’s right or wrong. That’s why you see people disrespecting cops like they do now.” (RELATED: ‘Today Is My Miracle Day’: Demi Lovato Thanks God For Giving Her ‘Strength To Fight Through My Darkest Times’)

“We need the fear of God back in our schools, and we need our parents to start being parents again and not friends,” Brewer continued.

The former Arizona Cardinals safety is the founder of The Jack Brewer Foundation and he also talked about how his organization is getting ready to open its first “Serving Institute,” a private school faith-based education for kids that will focus on giving students “access to the education” that they aren’t getting in public schools.