Joy Reid Mocks Parent For Saying It Isn’t Racist To Oppose Critical Race Theory

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MSNBC host Joy Reid mocked a parent Tuesday night for saying that opposing critical race theory in schools was not racist.

Reid said that thanks to the “1619 Project,” a controversial initiative to teach history in a way that centers around slavery and teaches that 1619 was the true founding of the United States, “we’ve seen a growing movement to reframe how American history is taught in public schools.”

One of the movements to change the curriculum in schools, Reid said, is critical race theory. Conservative activists, public figures, public officials, and parents have in recent years fought against critical race theory being taught to children. The curriculum maintains that American is a fundamentally racist country. It also teaches children to view every interaction through the lens of race and pursues “anti-racism” by adopting policies solely based on race.

“Well, some parents are opposed to critical race theory as new curriculum aren’t too pleased,” Reid continued. (RELATED: The New Left’s Institutionalized Racialism Is ‘Everywhere.’ In Medicine, Education, Even In Government Labs. Here’s How It Happened)

She then played a clip of an emotional parent criticizing critical race theory being taught to her children in school.

“Just because I do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean that I’m a racist, damn it,” the parent said.

“It actually does,” Reid said, laughing. “It’s just another example of Republicans turning kids into a wedge issue, just like their politically motivated attacks on transgender youth who just want to play sports.”

Reid went on to say that Republicans only opposed biological boys competing in girls’ sports because they are hateful.