LeBron James Sends Another Unnecessary Tweet About The Death Of Ma’Khia Bryant

(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports via Reuters)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LeBron James just can’t stop himself from sending unnecessary tweets about the death of Ma’Khia Bryant.

The four-time NBA champion and Lakers star was dragged by tons of people after he tweeted a photo of the officer who shot and killed Bryant during a stabbing attempt. In the since-deleted tweet, LeBron said the officer was “next” and demanded “accountability.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Now, LeBron wants people to know his initial actions were wrong, but not because he targeted the police officer. They were wrong because the conversation should have been about Bryant!

“I fueled the wrong conversation about Ma’Khia Bryant and I owe it to her and this movement to change it. Thank you @fabiolacineas for educating us about Ma’Khia and her story and why this needs to be about her,” LeBron tweeted late Monday afternoon.

He linked to a Vox story titled “Why they’re not saying Ma’Khia Bryant’s name,” which claims the officer “risked everyone’s life in the process” of shooting Bryant during her attempted stabbing.

I wonder if the woman soon-to-be on the other side of the blade would agree with Vox’s assessment.

Multiple things can be true at the same time. Yes, whenever a teenager has gone astray to the point she’s holding a knife and a cop shoots her, it’s a tragic story. At some point in the young woman’s life, something went wrong that shouldn’t have. I don’t think anyone is celebrating her death or taking joy in it. It’s a damn tragedy that she forced the cop into an impossible choice.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the cop did anything wrong and it doesn’t mean the conversation should focus on Bryant.

The officer who squeezed the trigger four times had to take a life in order to save a life. He will have to live with that every day of his life, even though it was the right call.

So, he goes out there, saves a young black woman from being stabbed and how does society repay him? LeBron James targets him on social media, deletes the tweet and then tries to make this all about Bryant.

Put the phone down, LeBron. There’s nothing in his contract that mandates he gets involved in these situations, but he just can’t help himself.

LeBron is an incredible basketball player, but he seems to really have no idea how to conduct himself when it comes to incredibly intense and serious situations off the court. It’s mind-boggling that he just can’t stay out of stuff that doesn’t concern him.