‘Horror Movie’: Man Allegedly Bit Off Couple’s Ears, Gouged Their Eyes In Gruesome Attack

( MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

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A Chicago man had a first court hearing Monday following a gruesome attack where he allegedly bit off a couple’s ears, gouged their eyes, and spat on them, prosecutors said.

Elijah Rule Hill Prince, 28, missed his Monday bond hearing on aggravated battery and attempted murder charges, as he was undergoing a psychiatric examination at the time, Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The accused was allegedly covered in blood when officers found him; he told officers that it wasn’t his own blood but the “blood of peasants,” prosecutors said, according to the outlet.

The judge on the case, Judge John F. Lyke Jr., said he felt as if he was “listening to a horror movie,” adding that the attack’s viciousness “shocks the conscience,” according to the report.

Rule Hill Prince allegedly assaulted the male victim first after an unsuccessful attempt of selling him something.

Then, the accused allegedly smashed the victim’s head with a shovel, according to WFLD. (RELATED: ‘I Heard This Eerie Scream’: Video Captures Man Hitting Asian Woman In Face)

The accused allegedly proceeded to bite the man’s ears, punch him in the face, gouge his eyes and spit into the victim’s mouth, prosecutors said, according to WFLD. At some point of the attack, Rule Hill Prince shoved a three-inch wooden block into the man’s left eye, the report says.

The man’s wife ran outside after hearing the noises only to get attacked herself. Rule Hill Prince allegedly pulled his second victim’s hair, bit off ‘large chunks’ of her ears, gouged her eyes and spat on her, according to the outlet.

The judge set the bail at $5 million. Rule Hill Prince is to make his first court appearance on May 10, the report says.