‘Intellectual Spaghetti’: Meghan McCain Says Dr. Fauci Isn’t Even Following The Science On Life After The Vaccine


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain said Thursday that liberals — and even Dr. Anthony Fauci — were refusing to follow the science on life after the coronavirus vaccine.

McCain argued on ABC’s “The View” that liberals, despite often telling Republicans to “follow the science” on issues like climate change, did not appear willing to take their own advice when it came to taking off masks and trusting that the vaccines worked. (RELATED: ‘Let’s Cut The Crap’: Meghan McCain Flames Republicans For Continued Devotion To ‘Cheeto Jesus’)


“Meghan, do you think there’s a political element here?” cohost Whoopi Goldberg asked, pointing to an article in The Atlantic about liberals who were unwilling to let go of some of the stricter safety protocols. “Shouldn’t people have the wherewithal to decide what’s good for them when they go outside?”

“Yeah. Every individual in America has the choice. That’s why this country is so great. We have freedom,” McCain replied, urging people to read the article in question.

“They’re talking about trusting the science which Republicans are told trust the science about things like climate change all the time. Now liberals aren’t doing it when it comes to the COVID vaccine,” McCain continued before pivoting to address Fauci specifically.

“One of the people not doing it is Dr. Fauci. He said he wouldn’t travel or eat at restaurants despite the fact he has been fully vaccinated,” McCain noted, adding, “The CDC guidance says it’s safe for vaccinated people taking precautions to eat in restaurants and travel.”

“Part of the problem is this intellectual spaghetti and knee jerk reaction to President Trump,” McCain went on to note that former President Donald Trump had erred on the opposite side of the issue, calling for everything to be reopened before the experts were on board.

“On the other side, we are now embracing policies that aren’t science or evidence based. If people want to live in their homes for forever and not go out and you want to wear a mask forever, that’s totally fine,” McCain concluded. “Me, I’m going to have a hot vax spring and summer. I’m going to Vegas, I’m traveling, I’m seeing my family. Two doses of Moderna is plenty for me. I will be living my life and going back to normal. That is my choice.”