Amazon Delivery Driver Accidentally Sits On Cactus In Hilarious Video

Credit: TMZ https://www.tmz.com/videos/2021-05-07-050721-delivery-person-1077694/

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An Amazon delivery driver accidentally sat on a cactus while making a home delivery and the whole thing was caught on the resident’s ring camera.

The delivery took place somewhere in San Bernardino, TMZ reported Friday.


The delivery driver seemingly didn’t notice the cactus when he bent over to scan the package, and sat right on top of it. He quickly jumped up, but clearly got some cactus needles stuck in his a**. (RELATED: Delivery Driver Takes The Food Back Because She’s Not Happy About An $8 Tip)

You can see him picking them out after he rang the doorbell. The delivery guy spent the rest of the Ring video picking the needles out of his butt and flashed a quick thumbs up to the camera before he left.

Cactus needles are pretty painful, so I feel for this guy. However, this is a great video. He jumped straight up in the air when he sat down on that plant.

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