Hawk Refuses To Leave Woman’s Arm After She Saves It From Drowning

(Credit: YouTube / Screenshot / KPRC 2 Click2Houston)

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A hawk rescued by a woman from drowning in a swimming pool refused to leave its perch on the woman’s arm, video captured.

Cortnie Langley of New Hampshire caught the moment on video. Langley had tried to use sticks to save the hawk from her pool but she ended up grabbing the bird with her hands, WIS News reported Thursday.


“Hi there, little guy,” Langley said to the hawk in the video. “I know, I’m going to try and help you get out. Just don’t kill me, OK? We’re gonna do this together.”

Once she pulled the hawk out of the pool, the hawk decided to perch on her arm. (RELATED: Family Finds Owl Hiding In Christmas Tree After Thinking It Was An Ornament)

“I’m not quite sure where to go from here,” Langley said in the video. “You’re out and you’re safe. You’re good. Please fly away.”

“OK. You want to stay on me? Do you like me or something?”

The hawk apparently stayed on Langley’s arm for roughly 20 minutes, WIS News reported.

I’d be absolutely scared shitless if a hawk decided I was its landing perch for 20 minutes. Hawks can be dangerous animals, but it looks like Langley had a special bond with this bird.

Thank God there are brave people out there like Langley because I probably would have just called animal control.