Woman Indicted On Murder After 2-Year-Old Overdoses On Fentanyl


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Kentucky mother was indicted Thursday for murder after her 2-year-old son died from an overdose. The overdose was allegedly caused by his mother’s fentanyl, according to authorities.

Jaxson Vogt, 2, ate the fentanyl on March 18, according to Fox 19. Ludlow Police responded to a call regarding a child not breathing, according to a statement from Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders.

First responders found the child in respiratory arrest and he was transferred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where he later died, according to WLWT5.

The mother, Lauren Baker, “took a shot” of fentanyl and fell asleep, according to police. Authorities later discovered the child was home with Baker when he managed to get a hold of the fentanyl while she slept, according to the report. When Baker awoke she noticed her child wasn’t responsive and called authorities, Sanders said.

Baker later admitted to police she bought the fentanyl using her COVID-19 relief stimulus check. (RELATED: ‘He Hid Behind A Badge’: Former NYPD Officer Sentenced To Prison Over Drug Conspiracy, Selling Fentanyl That Caused Fatal Overdose)

Baker faces murder charges along with trafficking in a controlled substance and importing fentanyl, according to Sanders. She faces up to life in prison on the murder charge and faces a maximum of 10 years if convicted on the fentanyl-related charges, according to Fox 19.

“Addicts need to be sure their children are safe, whether that means keeping narcotics out of reach, or giving their children to someone who can raise them in a safe, drug-free environment,” Sanders said. “Addiction is no excuse for putting a child’s life in danger!”