Ayaan Hirsi Ali: US Is Becoming More Like ‘Tribal’ African Clans In Large Part Due To Woke Culture

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Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Hoover Institution Fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali explained in an opinion article published Monday that the culture in the United States is becoming more “tribal,” due to wokeness.

Ali shared how about a decade earlier while she was working at the conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) she had been out to lunch with a friend who was trying to convince her to leave her job, continuing on to describe her friend’s position as “tribal,” according to Ali’s opinion piece in Unherd.

“I remember trying to steer the conservation on to actual policies,” Ali wrote, explaining how she tried to have a “rational discussion,” with her friend who reportedly wasn’t interested in partaking in a rational discussion.

“The more she spoke, the more I recognised her broad disposition as something I had experienced earlier in my life. Her attitude was almost entirely tribal,” Ali continues. “Two things, in particular, stood out: an almost blind hatred of a particular group (Republicans); and secondly, the use of deeply personal attacks on individual researchers to justify that hatred.”

A decade later, this tribal-like attitude appears “to be the prevailing norm,” in America as studies are showing that the American way of life is becoming more increasingly polarized, Ali wrote.

Ali went on to describe how today’s “deeply divided society,” reminds her of “clan or tribal,” life in Africa. (RELATED: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Calls Women’s March Organizer A ‘Fake Feminist’ [VIDEO])

Ali, who was born and raised in Somalia, describes how even people such as her own mother were “blindly loyal,” to their clans to the point that they could pick up on “malicious intentions,” from people of other clans just from their facial expressions.

Ali said that because of “tribal tensions,” the end result of increasing polarization in Somalia was a civil war, noting that America has yet to experience the “high levels of distrust,” which ultimately led to bloodshed in Somalia.

“While such violence is yet to seize America, all the tribalist ingredients are present. There is a blind commitment to one party or the other; emotions are running high; there is a lack of trust in civic institutions. If such tribalism isn’t overcome, it’s only a matter of time before the situation escalates,” Ali warns.

Ali added that not only is it important for “moderate liberals,” to stand up to political wokeness, but that “moderate conservatives,” should “resist” the urge to give in to tribal like views.

Ali previously slammed President Joe Biden in August 2020 for “endorsing and enforcing Sharia vigilantism,” in a speech. Ali continued to explain during an interview on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Biden might not have understood what exactly he was endorsing or supporting in his speech.