‘Sure, A Few Kids Drown. Some Get Raped’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Democrats For Blowing Off Border Crisis

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized Democrats for downplaying the border crisis when their party was in power.

Gutfeld addressed the issue on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” arguing that the same people who had been outraged by the border crisis just a short time ago — when former President Donald Trump was in charge — were now dismissing the surge in border crossings as something that “happened every day.” (RELATED: ‘The Felons Don’t Match The Mug Shots You Would Prefer’: Greg Gutfeld Says No One Cares About Crime When It Doesn’t Fit The Narrative)


Dana Perino began the segment by noting that despite polling well in a number of other areas, President Joe Biden was under water — 53% disapproved — of his administration’s efforts to address illegal immigration.

“The White House is trying to maintain that everything is getting better,” Perino continued. “Does it look like it?”

Co-host Juan Williams said he believed things were getting better, arguing that videos of the border were taken to stir up hysteria over something that was a problem for many administrations.

“This is like a daily activity throughout the last 100 years. I don’t know that there is anything new here except that there was a video there and it is fitting in with all the people who want to beat on Biden about immigration,” Williams said.

Williams went on to argue that fewer unaccompanied children were being held in Border Patrol facilities because they were being processed more quickly and efficiently.

“The video wasn’t created for hysteria,” Perino pushed back, adding that the number of unaccompanied children in Border Patrol custody had decreased because the children were being moved to facilities run instead by Health and Human Services.

“The saddest thing about that argument is that we’ve heard this argument every single day. It happens every day. It happens every day. Sure, a few kids drown. Some get raped, right? But  It happens every day,” Gutfeld responded sarcastically. “It was odd that when it was happening under Trump, though, it mattered. It was the immoral work of a racist man supported by racist supporters. But now when there is a Democrat, it’s like oh, whoa! This stuff happens all the time. Relax, everybody.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that Democrats got the benefit of similar arguments on other issues, adding, “Suddenly you start becoming more complex or nuanced about the issue where before you will come out and say, ‘This is damn wrong.'”