NYT Claims ‘There Have Been No Long Lines’ For Gas As People Post Photos, Videos Of Long Lines For Gas

Screenshot - Greg Suskin (@gSuskinWSOC9) on Twitter

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The New York Times claimed Tuesday morning that there have not been any long lines for gas following the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, but photos and videos posted on social media show a different story.

“Colonial Pipeline, a vital U.S. fuel artery that was shut down by a cyberattack, said it hoped to restore most operations by the end of the week,” the Times said on Twitter. “Since the shutdown, there have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas.”

Videos circulated on social media showing long lines for gas, and #gasshortage trended on Twitter because of the number of places out of fuel. (RELATED: Tuesday Noon Dispatch: Pipeline Attack Leads To Panic Buying And Gas Shortages)

Democratic North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order Monday declaring a state of emergency in response to the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. He said in a statement that the declaration “will help North Carolina prepare for any potential motor vehicle fuel supply interruptions across the state and ensure motorists are able to have access to fuel.”

The Colonial Pipeline, which transports more than 100 million gallons of fuel each day between Houston and New York City and provides more than half of the east coast’s fuel supply, was forced to shut down its entire network Friday after a cyberattack. The ransomware attack was one of the largest ever reported, and experts warned of the possibility of an impending fuel shortage.

“The federal government is working actively to assess the implications of this incident, avoid disruption to supply, and help the company restore pipeline operations as quickly as possible,” a White House spokesperson told CNN. President Joe Biden was informed of the incident Saturday morning.