‘That’s How Sleazy These People Were’: Greg Gutfeld Rips The CDC For Technically True But Misleading Statistics

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld ripped into the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) during Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld slammed the CDC for exaggerating the risk of transmitting COVID-19 outdoors, arguing that they had manipulated the language so that what they said was misleading while still being factually accurate. (RELATED: ‘Sure, A Few Kids Drown. Some Get Raped’: Greg Gutfeld Flames Democrats For Blowing Off Border Crisis)


“I want to point out that when the CDC said that the transmission, outdoor transmission, was less than 10% — when you are a bureaucrat, that’s being honest, because .1% is less than 10%,” Gutfeld began. “That’s how sleazy these people were. They manipulated the language so that as Juan could say, they weren’t lying at all.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that the end result of the narrative — coming both from bureaucrats and media — was a nation that was effectively divided into two camps.

“Remember, if you wear a mask, you are a patriot. But if you don’t, you are a neanderthal. You probably are one of those extreme far right and far white trumpists,” Gutfeld continued. “It was just another method, the mask was another political method to create some false polarization that helps, you know, anchors at CNN pay for their second mortgage. But any time you were skeptical, any time you were skeptical about the science coming from people that were wrong and had lied about the masks, remember, they had lied legitimately about the masks so it wouldn’t create a run on them — although it did create a run on toilet paper. But anytime you questioned the validity of people who have been wrong in the past, you are considered a dumbass, you are considered a rube, a redneck.”

Gutfeld then suggested that reporters should take classes in statistics, arguing that they repeatedly misreported anything having to do with numbers.

“They misreport these stories from shark attacks to police brutality,” he said. “You saw that story where liberals to the far left believe that 1,000 unarmed blacks were killed by police in one year when it was like 27 or something like that. They misreport that. They misreport shark attacks. Disease transmission. They don’t understand numbers. And this is all based on of course the fact that they know better when they are incredibly ignorant. The average American who goes outside knows more about this than anybody in the media.”

Gutfeld concluded by saying that someone needed to simply pick a date and issue a declaration: no more outdoor masks.

“And if you accuse me of not being safe, I’m going to throw a bucket of water on your head,” he said.