‘Apex Killers’: Carole Baskin Criticizes Texas Senators As Tiger Continues To Roam Houston

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot The Recount https://twitter.com/therecount/status/1392449845961674758)

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“Tiger King” star Carole Baskin criticized Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn as a tiger remains loose in Houston.

“If this would have passed last year, this wouldn’t have happened this time,” Baskin said during Wednesday’s appearance on CNN.

A grown tiger remains on the loose Wednesday in Houston after it was spotted roaming a neighborhood on Mother’s day, three days prior. The tiger was first spotted by neighbors and was taken in by Victor Hugo Cuevas as police arrived on the scene. Cuevas is not the owner of the tiger, CNN reported. (RELATED: REPORT: Man Who Grabbed Tiger On The Loose In Houston Was Out On Bond For Murder)


Cuevas was apprehended, but the tiger has not been found.

Baskin predicted the tiger was probably used as a “pay-to-play” prop before becoming too big.

“The only reason people have tigers as pets is trying to show off to others that they are more powerful than the most powerful creature on the planet,” Baskin told CNN.

“They always grow up to be who they are, which is apex killers,” Baskin said, KHOU 11 noted.

“It could easily have killed an adult and even more easily killed a child,” Baskin reportedly added.