Greg Gutfeld Pans ‘Joe And Kamala’s Awful Adventure’: ‘The 1970s Called, They Want Their Unmitigated Disasters Back’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for bringing back the “unmitigated disasters” of the 1970s.

Gutfeld ran through a list of issues during Wednesday’s “The Five,” from inflation and shortages at gas stations to unemployment and unrest in the Middle East, arguing that if the administration were a time-travel movie it would be called “Joe and Kamala’s Awful Adventure.” (RELATED: ‘Oh, God Help Us’: Greg Gutfeld Loses Patience With Juan Williams During Testy Spat On Immigration)


“The 1970s called, they want their unmitigated disasters back,” Gutfeld began. “Yep, move over, Jimmy Carter, President Biden is looking like the one-term Democrat every passing day, gas lines getting longer, prices rising, everywhere you look chaos is expanding like one of Jen Psaki’s binders all under Biden’s leadership.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that Democrats and media were “obsessed” with the drama surrounding the ouster of Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney because they needed a distraction from everything that was going wrong under Biden’s leadership.

“No wonder Democrats in the media are so obsessed with Liz Cheney. It sure beats looking at the catastrophes they’ve created in just four short months. Of course, their idea of a Republican leader is one who agrees with them that Trump is a big, evil meanie,” Gutfeld continued. “Yeah, Liz, that’s some vision you have for the party — ‘I’m popular with Democrats.’ And yet what happens when the evil tweeter leaves? You get inflation, Middle East unrest, joblessness, a relentless crime wave.”

“And so now you see the insidious trade-off. From ‘Morning Joe’ to Don Lemon, they never cared about the deeds, it was only Trump’s hurtful words and they were happy to replace their sleepless nights with your actual material suffering,” Gutfeld added. “Well, congrats, media, there are no more mean tweets to keep you up at night, just impending economic doom. Sleep tight, you selfish babies.”

Gutfeld paused for a moment to reflect on the 1970s, saying that he’d like to see the return of Saturday morning cartoons and “road trips in a station wagon with a chain-smoking dad.”

“If this were a time travel movie it would be called ‘Joe and Kamala’s Awful Adventure,'” Gutfeld concluded.