‘Our Goal Is To Implement Solutions’: Psaki Says The White House’s Goal Is To ‘Not Be Caught Up In Semantics’ About The Border Crisis

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the White House’s goal is to “not be caught up in semantics” about the crisis at the southern border.

Daily Caller Senior White House Correspondent Shelby Talcott asked Psaki about a recent New York Magazine article about how the White House wants the public to view President Joe Biden as a moderate, when in fact he is governing more liberal.

“So does this reflect the White House’s thinking that the goal is for Americans to view the president as a moderate as he pursues, according to the quote, the most liberal agenda that we’ve seen?” Talcott asked. (RELATED: Peter Doocy And Jen Psaki Battle Over Whether Massive Unemployment Benefits Disincentivize Work)

“There was a lot packed into that question, it must have taken some time to write,” Psaki responded. “I will say that our goal is to implement solutions as it related to challenges at the border and not to be caught up in semantics of what we call it.”

The press secretary pointed to “a massive reduction” in the number of children who are detained at the border and the amount of time they spend in border patrol facilities.

“Because at the end of the day, what we’ve seen is a massive reduction in the number of children who are being detained in border patrol facilities thanks to the actions of this administration,” she said. “We’ve seen a massive reduction in the number of hours they have spent in border patrol facilities. And we’re continuing to work to get kids into the arms of their family members or to sponsor homes.”

“And that’s what our objective is,” Psaki added. “I can’t speak to a blind anonymous quote from somebody outside of the White House, which, we’d all be for banning those if others would want to commit to that as well.”