Juan Williams Blows Off Hamas Rocket Attacks On Israel, Says Republicans Are Just Desperate To Attack Biden

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Juan Williams dismissed concerns about Hamas firing rockets at Israel, arguing on Wednesday’s “The Five” that Republicans desperately grasping for anything they could use to attack President Joe Biden.

Williams also brought up the Wednesday morning vote to remove former Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, saying that Republicans were attacking Biden in an effort to distract people from the chaos within their own party. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Pans ‘Joe And Kamala’s Awful Adventure’: ‘The 1970s Called, They Want Their Unmitigated Disasters Back’)


“I can see that Republicans are having a desperate time going after this popular president,” Williams began. “Let’s start with gas lines. I live in Washington, D.C., so right next-door is Virginia, and there have been gas lines today and I see what’s going on.”

Williams went on to argue that any gas shortage was not Biden’s fault, but rather was the temporary result of a Russian hack. He also said that people weren’t blaming Biden for the hack, and they seemed to understand that the problem would be taken care of quickly.

“And you think about inflation, right now you have higher costs on used cars, things like lumber — why? Because the economy is taking off, it’s heating up and some of the leftover problems from the pandemic are still with us so they are going to be blips but they will be temporary blips,” Williams continued.

Williams then argued that unrest in the Middle East was nothing new, suggesting that Republicans were only complaining about the recent attacks in an effort to keep people from looking too closely at the unrest within their own party.

“As far as foreign policy, Israel and the Arabs, my gosh, how many presidents have had to deal with flareups and hatred between Palestinians and the Israelis? I think that goes back to Eisenhower, doesn’t it?” Williams asked. “I think what’s going on here, Greg, you touched on it. What’s going on here is a big attempt by Republicans to distract from what’s going on in their own ranks, today they canceled Liz Cheney. And why did they cancel her? Because she told the truth about the big lie.”

Williams concluded that the only real uniting force within the Republican Party was “cult-like affection for Donald Trump.”