Zack Snyder Says Batman ‘F**ks To Forget’

Batman (Credit: Shutterstock/SAHACHATZ)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Justice League” visionary Zack Snyder recently dropped some incredible thoughts about Batman.

The legendary caped crusader has been featured in several movies over the years, but there’s one major thing Snyder thinks we should maybe focus on much more. We need to see his vices and indulgences! (REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Ends With The Possible Deaths Of Multiple Characters)

The Hollywood star told BroBible the following about how he sees Batman:

There’s a couple of sort of philosophical approaches you could take to Batman, and ‘monk warrior’ was not the way I went. And I just think that — I always liked the Batman that f**ks to forget. I like him when Bruce Wayne is broken. He uses sex and drugs — not drugs, maybe painkillers, and alcohol, too. To numb himself. The only time he’s really happy or not happy, but at ease, is in the Batsuit. Being Batman is the only way to dull the pain of what happened to him as a child.

I don’t know why, but I legit laughed out loud when I read these comments from Snyder to BroBible. There’s just something naturally hysterical about the fact he has “always liked the Batman that f**ks to forget.”

He also didn’t just stop with the sex. He had to go ahead and float the idea Batman is a big drinker and possibly a drug user.

I don’t really remember all those details from Christian Bale’s time in the role. I feel like it would have been a much darker film if he was stumbling around post-sex with a bottle of whiskey and a handful of pills. Not a very uplifting spirit!

Probably would be a lot harder to market Batman films to kids if there were scenes of him having sex to forget the pain after every battle.

Would it be hysterical? Possibly. Would a studio ever allow it? Absolutely not.

Major thanks to Snyder for his awesome thoughts on Batman and sex. This has been the best thing that I’ve read in a long time.