‘Beyond The Pale’: Nancy Pelosi Wants Ethics Committee To Look Into Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Verbal Assault’ On Ocasio-Cortez


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the House Ethics Committee should look into Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for confronting Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Pelosi said during her weekly press briefing that Greene’s actions amounted to “verbal assault” and “real abuse,” and argued that it was a situation that should be handled by the Ethics Committee. (RELATED: ‘You Never Knew What You’re Going To See’: Reporter Watches As Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronts Ocasio-Cortez, Demands Answers)


A reporter noted that Greene had approached Ocasio-Cortez as members left the floor, attempting to get her attention and then peppering her with questions about support for Antifa and Black Lives Matter. She also reportedly accused Ocasio-Cortez of failing to defend her socialist beliefs by declining a challenge to debate on the Green New Deal.

“It was reported to our office about what happened as members were leaving the floor yesterday,” Pelosi said, adding, “The verbal assault and real abuse of our colleague Congresswoman AOC.”

“It’s so beyond the pale of anything that is in keeping with bringing honor to the House or not bringing dishonor to the House, it’s so beyond the pale that you wonder is this — it probably is a matter for the Ethics Committee,” Pelosi continued.

Pelosi went on to note that she had spent a number of years in the House Ethics Committee but that, since she made it a point to keep leadership separate from the Ethics Committee, someone else would have to take charge of that.

“This is beneath the dignity of a person serving in the Congress of the United States and is a cause for trauma and fear among members, especially on the heels of an insurrection,” Pelosi concluded.