Oprah Winfrey Says Her Interview With Sally Fields About Burt Reynolds’ Toupee Still Makes Her ‘Cringe’

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot OWN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-zYzoxGnvM)

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TV personality Oprah Winfrey revealed the interview moment that still makes her “cringe” during an appearance on the “Literally” podcast with Rob Lowe.

Lowe brought up Burt Reynolds during the interview, and Winfrey interjected with a story.

Winfrey revealed she was pressured into asking Sally Fields about Reynolds during an interview. (RELATED: Prince Harry Feeling ‘Embarrassed’ And ‘Regretful’ About Tell-All Interview With Oprah Winfrey, Royal Biographer Says)

“My big mistake: I asked her, ‘Does Burt sleep with his toupee on?'” Winfrey recalled. “I even say now, I cringe to even think that I asked that question. But I asked it because the producers are like, ‘You have to ask, you have to ask, you have to ask. That’s what everybody wants to know.'”

“And so I asked it, and she went cold on me. She shut down, and I could not get in again.”

Lowe talked about his own experience with Fields and her “amazing” cold shoulder.

“She’s one of the most amazing actors I’ve ever known, but when Sally goes cold, it’s like Khrushchev in the Cold War,” Lowe reportedly said. “She will bury you.”

Winfrey said she “deserved” Fields’ cold shoulder that day and took responsibility for the “inappropriate question.”

Winfrey interviewed Fields in 2012 mostly about her past roles, her openly gay son and what the actress had planned for the future.