This Highly-Rated Coffee Maker And Grinder Set Are 20% Off!

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K-cups, whole beans, grounds, oh my! When it comes to coffee, there sure are a lot of choices out there. And while typical coffee makers out there make your coffee just one way, this single-serve coffee maker and grinder bundle lets you have the best of everything, right on your kitchen counter.

Considering its slew of health benefits, from its healthy dose of antioxidants to its mood-lifting effects — not to mention its punch of caffeine — it’s no surprise why coffee has become an important part of your daily routine. And being able to switch between K-cups and coffee ground-style brewing is essential, especially when you just need one cup at a time.

Toting an impressive 4.3/5 stars on Amazon, this single-serve coffee maker is becoming a must-have in kitchens all over America. Not only does it let you use either K-Cups or ground coffee, but the gadget also guarantees an incredibly quick brew. delivering delicious, hot coffee at 170°F in just 3 short minutes. Plus, with its visual water control, you can easily see how much you’re pouring in, giving you total control. It even has a self-cleaning function to help you keep the machine in tip-top shape with just the click of a button or two.

The single-serve coffee maker also comes with a handy grinder, capable of producing fine or course grounds, depending on how long you hold the button down. Its inner stainless steel blade expertly grinds your favorite coffee beans to even perfection, ensuring a delicious brew every time. And if necessary, you can also use it to grind nuts and spices!

Compact in size and easy to store away, the single-serve coffee maker and grinder bundle makes for a great addition to any kitchen setup. Whether you give it as a gift or snag a set for yourself, this deal is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Get the Single-Serve Coffee Maker for K-Cups/Ground Coffee with Grinder Bundle at just over 20% off, making it just $54.95.

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