Actress Angelina Jolie Says Playing A Firefighter Left Her Inspired

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot HBO Max)

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Actress Angelina Jolie said she felt inspired after playing a firefighter in her upcoming film “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

Jolie said the role left her with “a huge amount of respect” for firefighters during an interview published Friday by Fox News. Jolie plays a smokejumper, or wildland firefighter, in the film.

“To explore it with the director [Taylor Sheridan] that really knows and loves this part of the world and to get to know the firefighters, the smokejumpers, the survivalists, the people that are in this part of America and to spend time with them and try to do our best to represent them on film — just a huge amount of respect for them,” Jolie told the outlet. (RELATED: Watch A Special Clip From The New Film ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead)

Jolie’s co-star Jon Bernthal told the outlet it was a “real privilege” to “explore” the role of firefighters in the film.

“I think every project comes with this whole new kind of introduction to [a] world,” he told Fox News. “I think human beings are tremendously fascinating and spend time in anyone else’s world and try to explore the nooks and crannies of it… it’s a real privilege; [a] real honor.”

The thriller was released May 14.