Elderly Lyft Driver Pistol Whipped, Robbed At Gunpoint, Video Shows

[Fox 11]

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A California Lyft driver was allegedly pistol-whipped and robbed at gunpoint on Monday, according to reports.

Paul Liao, 67, was fueling up and washing his car around 9:00 p.m., at the ARCO gas station in South El Monte when the suspect jumped into the back seat and pointed a gun at Liao demanding his wallet, the victim’s daughter-in-law told Fox 11.

Video obtained by Fox 11 shows the suspect talking to Liao while holding a gun. The suspect then grabs Liao’s phone before demanding Liao’s money. Liao’s daughter-in-law said he had around $1,560 on him at the time, according to a Go Fund Me page set up for Liao.

Liao complies and the suspect remains in the vehicle, appearing to talk to Liao. The suspect reportedly ordered Liao out of the car and demanded the keys but Liao said his car is keyless and is the only person who can drive the car. (RELATED: San Francisco Uber Driver Shares Wild Video Of Attack By Maskless Rider Who Snags His Phone, Rips Off His Mask)

Suddenly the suspect is seen hitting Liao in the face with the pistol twice, according to the video.

Liao ended up with a fractured nose, according to Fox 11. Liao went to the Temple City sheriff’s office following the incident, according to the report. He also gave detectives his dash cam video footage.

Liao told KCAL 9 the incident was scary.

“I was very scared,” Liao said. “Very scared.”

“He used the gun to hit my face,” he said, according to the video.