Rockets Launched From Syria Into Israel, IDF Says

Missile in image not the one fired on Friday (Photo by ABDULWAJED HAJ ESTEIFI/AFP via Getty Images)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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Assailants in Syria fired three missiles towards Israel amid an ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Friday.

Only two of the three fired made it across the Syrian border, the Jerusalem Post reported. The third reportedly fell in Syrian territory. The rockets that did manage to cross into Israel triggered sirens but then crashed into open spaces, according to the Post. The Palestinian Tahir Brigade said they were responsible for the rocket fire, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Images Capture The Iron Dome Detonating Deluges Of Hamas Rockets In The Israeli Sky)

Three missiles were also fired from Lebanon towards the northern region of Israel Thursday, Israeli armed forces told Reuters. These rockets crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. A Lebanese source told Reuters someone had fired the rockets from the Qlaileh region in southern Lebanon. Three missiles also intended for launch against Israel were discovered near the al-Rashidiya refugee camp, which houses Palestinian refugees, according to a late-night tweet from the Lebanese Army.


A Hezbollah source told Middle East Eye that Hezbollah had no role in the rocket fire. Israel has been fighting Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza since Monday evening.