Former Border Officer Admits To Bringing Mexican National Into US Illegally, Hiring Her As Nanny

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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A Texas woman who worked as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent has admitted to illegally bringing a Mexican national, whom she later hired as her housekeeper and nanny, into the U.S.

Rhonda Lee Walker, 40, of Laredo, Texas, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to encourage or induce a foreign national to enter the United States, according to a press release by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Walker used a colleague’s computer login info to help the woman — only identified as Trevino — enter the country through the Laredo Port of Entry in January 2021, according to the DOJ. Walker allegedly pulled off the scheme in order to employ Trevino, who had no legal status in the country, as her housekeeper and nanny.

Walker also allegedly sent money to someone in Mexico to assist the would-be nanny’s arrival, according to the DOJ. (RELATED: Immigrant Bought Land Where He Crossed The Border Illegally And Allows Others To Do The Same)

“Walker also lied to authorities. She falsely stated Trevino was her biological aunt and denied processing her entry or employing her in her home,” U.S. Attorney Jennifer Lowery said in the statement.

Walker’s sentence will be determined at an Aug. 9 hearing. Prosecutors will dismiss the felony counts of illegally transporting the woman into the U.S. and lying to investigators, as per the plea agreement, ABC News reported.

The ex-CBP agent faces the maximum sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a prospective $250,000 maximum fine, the press release said.