Conservatives Launch New Advocacy Group To Fight Back Against Woke Mobs, Cancel Culture

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Greg Price Contributor
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Four prominent conservative lawyers and activists announced a new organization on Monday that aims to fight back against the “rising tide of left-wing intolerance.”

The group “Unsilenced Majority” says they will fight for free expression and target politically-motivated worker firings, cancel culture in education, and “wokeism” in corporate America.

“Today, a new grassroots conservative advocacy organization launched to oppose cancel culture and fight back against the woke mob and their enablers,” the organization said in a press release.

“The Unsilenced Majority speaks for an emboldened majority of Americans who recognize the imminent threat that cancel culture poses to our nation. The rising intolerance of cancel culture is breeding fear and paranoia in our politics, across the corporate world, at our children’s schools and even in our neighborhoods. It must be stopped. The Unsilenced Majority aims to harness grassroots opposition to fight back against cancel culture before it’s too late,”  the statement went on to say.

The group is being spearheaded by Founder and President Mike Davis, a lawyer who formerly served as chief nominations counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee under former Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Davis also currently runs the Article III Project, which fights back against an activist judiciary, and the Internet Accountability Project, which aims to fight big tech censorship.

“Cancel culture is un-American and wrong. And as we learned with the #metoo culture war, the best way to end the cancel culture nonsense is to give the woke proponents a dose of their own medicine,” Davis said in a statement to the Daily Caller.  

Also involved in the project is Ian Prior, former Senate and DOJ staffer and Executive Director of Fight For Schools, who will serve as spokesman and senior counsel, as well as Will Chamberlain, a lawyer and co-publisher of Human Events, who will also be the org’s special counsel. (RELATED: Professor Fired For Reading Passage Containing Racial Slur From Mark Twain Novel That ‘Satirizes Evil Institution Of Slavery)

“Free speech is more than just the First Amendment. The dramatic increase in social media censorship and corporate wokeism shows that there’s a need for Americans to push back and fight for a culture that values freedom of expression. I’m proud to be working with Mike, Ian, and Andy on this important project,” Chamberlain told the Daily Caller.

Republican strategist Andrew Surabian, who served in the Trump White House and is an adviser and spokesman to Donald Trump Jr., will take on the role of senior adviser to Unsilenced Majority.

Surabian told the Daily Caller that “Freedom of thought and speech are two of the fundamental principles America was founded upon. The Unsilenced Majority exists to defend those bedrock principals against an onslaught of censorship and thought policing, coming from illiberal woke extremists and the leftwing corporations that do their dirty work.”