REPORT: Musician Nick Jonas Hospitalized After Sustaining Injury While Filming Secret Project

(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Nordstrom)

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Musician Nick Jonas was reportedly hospitalized Saturday after sustaining an injury on the set of a secret project, TMZ reported.

Jonas was transferred to a hospital by ambulance after the injury, the outlet reported Sunday. The nature of the accident is currently unclear. Jonas reportedly returned home Sunday night.

Despite his injury, the “This Is Heaven” singer will appear on Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” according to TMZ. (RELATED: Robert De Niro Suffers Injury While On Location For A Film)

TMZ’s sources would not reveal any details of the project Jonas was working on at the time of the alleged accident.

Now I just really want to know what kind of project Jonas is working on. Are we getting something new from the Jonas Brothers? Another show about their lives perhaps? I’d be into that.

There were only two seasons of “Jonas,” but it was pretty good.

Jonas needs to be a little more careful. We can’t have anything happening to him now that the Jonas Brothers got the band back together. The boys are slated to perform at Summerfest on Sept. 8. The concert will mark their first since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.