‘Those Neanderthals Really Knew What They Were Doing’: Dagen McDowell Mocks Joe Biden As Texas Death Rate Plummets

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell mocked President Joe Biden during a Tuesday segment of “The Five” on Fox News.

McDowell referenced Biden’s criticism of Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott — who he accused of “neanderthal thinking” when he relaxed mask mandates and allowed businesses in his state to reopen at full capacity. (RELATED: Dagen McDowell Blames ‘Make-Up Wearing TV Hucksters’ For Selling Americans A ‘Broken’ President)


“This is the reason why President Joe said that all 50 states are declaring a decline because he had to wait for the blues to catch up with the reds in his — so he could blur the gaping gulf its success,” cohost Greg Gutfeld began. “The whole country is doing well. He couldn’t just say wow, the reds are doing way better.”

“Those neanderthals really knew what they were doing,” McDowell joked, prompting a laugh from her cohosts. She went on to say that she expected people to treat southerners like they were stupid.

“As a southerner, I completely expect that because people will always underestimate you as think you’re stupid, quite frankly, based on where you are from and the way that you speak,” she said.

McDowell went on to say that she herself would have been more of a “sore winner” than Governor Abbott had been.

“I would have been, you know, doing a little dance, but you get to step back and when you’re right and you start winning, you can just watch their pomposity melt into horror,” McDowell concluded.