The 7 Best Cast Iron Cookware Products, According To Customers

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Cast iron products are an all-American way of cooking your favorite dishes. Once you’ve cooked with a cast iron product, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner. They’re easy to use and provide long-lasting durability. We’ve done our research and selected a few customer-favorite cast iron cookware pieces. Plus, they’re all discounted! If you’re someone who has yet to venture into the world of cast iron, you’re going to want to keep reading.

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set

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When you purchase this three-piece cast iron cookware set, you’ll receive one 10-inch pan, one eight-inch pan, and one six-inch pan respectively. Each pan is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil that makes it ready to use right when you get it in the mail. Unlike other non-cast iron cookware products that may be coated with chemicals, Utopia cast iron products are made from pure iron with no added harsh chemicals or other harmful substances. This product received a 5-star review from more than 5,000 customers like you.

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Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This #1 best seller measures nearly 11 inches in diameter and four and a half inches deep. It’s covered with a porcelain-enamel finish that is also chip-resistant, making it resistant to harsh wear and tear. Plus, it’s a beautiful blue color that will stun all of your dinner guests.

Get it here for only $69.90! That’s nearly 40% off the original listing price.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

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This Cuisinel cast iron skillet delivers precise heat distribution and cooking versatility all in one pan. What’s unique about this cast iron skillet is that it comes with a tempered-glass lid and a silicone handle cover to protect your hands while you cook. Anyone who has ever cooked with a cast iron before knows that the handle gets unbearably hot. This useful piece makes purchasing this product well worth the money.

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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Combo Cooker, 2-Piece Set

Given their unmatched quality and durability, $36 for two Lodge pans is a great deal. This product comes with one deep pot that is perfect for frying, and one shallow skillet for all of your cooking needs. This set comes pre-seasoned like the pans above, making it ready to use right when you get it delivered to your doorstep.

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Jim Beam 12” Pre Seasoned Heavy Duty Construction Cast Iron Grilling Wok

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You’ve heard of Jim Beam bourbon, coffee, and barbecue sauce. Now it’s time to be introduced to their cookware products! This wok has a widely curved base, making uneven heat distribution a thing of the past. It also has extremely durable, thick handles that allow for easy gripping. Whether you’re going to saute, fry, grill, broil, or braise, this wok can do it all for the fair price of $27.99.

Get it here for just $27.99! That’s 20% off the original price.

Lodge Scrubbing Pad

While not necessarily cookware, this scrubbing pad is equally important for the care of all cast iron products. You shouldn’t use regular dish soap when cleaning this type of pan because it can remove the seasoning. It’s best to use this scrubber made from stainless steel and silicone to ensure your cast iron doesn’t unnecessarily become stripped of its hard-earned seasoning.

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Bruntmor Cast Iron Tagine Pot

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A Tagine Pot can be used to make meals that require slow cooking methods or high cooking temperatures. Because of this, many customers who have purchased this best seller would classify it as versatile, durable, and easy to use. Unlike most cast iron products on this list, the Bruntmor Tagine Pot is 30% lighter than your typical cast iron, making it easy to clean and transport if need be. This pot is virtually maintenance-free since it requires little to no vegetable oil seasoning after each use. If you’re in the market for a cast iron pot, seriously consider this product.

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