Biologically Male Sexual Predators Housed In Washington Female Prisons, Court Documents Show

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Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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A legal battle between a private citizen and the ACLU of Washington Foundation has revealed that biologically male sexual predators are being housed in the state’s female prisons, it was announced by an advocacy group Wednesday.

In March, the ACLU of Washington filed a lawsuit to prevent the public release of records pertaining to transgender inmates in the Washington prison system. Now, a judge has ruled in favor of the ACLU against private citizen Andrea Kelly, but key information was uncovered during the proceedings about biological male prisoners in female prisons.

“Judge Rice’s decision in this case to prevent the release of records which prove sexual misconduct by men currently housed in women’s prisons sets a dangerous precedent. The state of Washington has failed to uphold its legal obligations under the Public Records Act and, in doing so, denied citizens our ability to hold the government accountable for their violation of the human rights of female inmates,” said Women’s Liberation Front legal director Lauren Adams, who is representing Kelly in the case.

Kelly filed a public records request on March 10 asking for information about the number of transgender prisoners in the Washington corrections system, as well as the number of inmates transferred between male and female prisons in the 2021 year. The ACLU of Washington sued to prevent the release of those records, and Judge Thomas Rice has issued an injunction to blocking the release of some information.

The aggregate numbers requested by Kelly were released, showing that seven biological men are currently in women’s prisons statewide and only one biological female is in a male prison. However, other documents were blocked from being released by the injunction, such as the number of inmates who have requested gender reassignment surgery.

“It is beyond disappointing to realize that the ACLU is intentionally suppressing records of male prisoners … I used to respect this organization, but now I see they do not care about women at all,” Kelly claimed. (RELATED: Atheist Group Disowns Richard Dawkins For Comments On Transgenderism)

It is unclear why exactly the ACLU sued to block the release of the records, and whether or not they intended to block the release of the records pertaining to sexual assault specifically. The ACLU of Washington did not respond to a request for comment by the time of this publication.

The judgement also revealed that there are Prison Rape Elimination Act investigative records filed on at least one biological man housed in female facilities, but the injunction prevents the specifics of those records from being released publicly.

Kelly filed her request after a whistleblower told KIRO Radio that transgender, biologically male prisoners were being transferred to the Washington Correctional Facility for Women. (RELATED: Spanish Politician Suspended From Twitter For Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’)

One of the prisoners transferred was Donna Perry, formerly known as Douglas Perry. according to records reviewed by the Daily Caller. Before identifying as female, Perry was convicted of murdering three prostitutes before fleeing to Thailand for a sex change operation.

Another transferred inmate is Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love, formerly known as Hobby Bingham. Bingham was convicted of having sex with a 12-year old girl while identified as male.

“It demonstrated the state’s willingness to put the most vulnerable of our population in harm’s way, by locking them in a cell with a proven predator, with zero accountability or repercussions for the perpetrator,” the whistleblower told KIRO.