‘Palestinian Human Rights Are Not A Bargaining Chip’: Rashida Tlaib Confronts Biden On Tarmac

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib confronted President Joe Biden on the tarmac in Detroit, pressing him on the White House’s defense of Israel.

According to a statement from the congresswoman’s office, Tlaib blamed Israel for escalating the violence and told the president that she was thus far unsatisfied with the United States’ response to the situation. (RELATED: Rashida Talib Says Palestinians Are Experiencing ‘Their January 6’)

“Palestinian human rights are not a bargaining chip and must be protected, not negotiated,” Tlaib reportedly told Biden. “The U.S. cannot continue to give the right-wing [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu government billions each year to commit crimes against Palestinians. Atrocities like bombing schools cannot be tolerated, much less conducted with U.S.-supplied weapons.”

According to the statement, Tlaib also “reiterated that the status quo is enabling more killing, that the current U.S. approach of unconditional support for the Israeli government is not working, and that the White House must do far more to protect Palestinian lives, dignity, and human rights.”

Tlaib has repeatedly called on the United States to stop giving aid to Israel, arguing that aid was being used by Netanyahu to commit “war crimes.”

Biden spoke highly of Tlaib at an event just hours after the confrontation, saying, “And from my heart, I pray that your grandma and family are well. I promise you I’ll do everything to see that they are, on the West Bank. You’re a fighter and God thank you for being a fighter.”