Sen. Tim Scott Says Democrats’ Voting Bill ‘Would Actually Make It Easier To Cheat And Harder To Vote’

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Devan A. Coombes Contributor
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott stated Thursday that the “For The People Act,” a Democrat-sponsored bill, does not address voting issues and would actually “make it easier to cheat and harder to vote.” 

The bill was originally introduced to the House in 2019 and is supposed to “expand voter rights” by allowing for same-day and automatic voter registration as well as voting by mail and early voting. Democrats have pushed this bill forward claiming that it will “curb voter suppression” as well as stop campaign finance fraud. 

“As a Black man who has voted in the South all my life, voting rights are personal to me,” Scott began in an opinion column published by Fox News. (RELATED: Some Democrats Are Reportedly Afraid To Voice Concerns About Nationwide Voting Overhaul)

“Their plan would make fraud harder to detect by allowing unlimited ballot harvesting all across the country. Each election year there are stories of political operatives succumbing to the temptation to tamper with ballots they’re paid to collect. Even worse are the stories of bad actors deceiving voters, especially the elderly,” Scott wrote.

He also said tax dollars would be put into political campaign accounts, meaning personal money could go towards candidates tax payers disagree with. He called this a “political power grab.” The bill would, in fact, establish a public fund for those who qualify to run for office. 

“It has never been more important to instill greater voter confidence in our elections,” Scott continued. “Yet, Democrats—aided by liberal media content to echo their talking points—continue to ignore the facts in favor of shameful political maneuvers.”

The bill is currently sitting in the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration and will have to be approved by the House, Senate and president.