‘They Obviously Skipped The Lesson In Ethics’: Lisa Kennedy Says Chris And Andrew Cuomo ‘Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy said Thursday that CNN’s Chris Cuomo and his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, had “skipped the lesson in ethics.”

Kennedy joined her cohosts on Fox News’ “The Five” to discuss recent reports indicating that Chris Cuomo had joined his brother on strategy calls regarding how to respond to a number of accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. (RELATED: ‘They Want More Brains’: Kennedy Compares Rioters To Zombies Who Got Their First Taste Of ‘Brains’ When Mayors Caved)


“If you thought the Cuomo brother’s interview was in poor journalistic taste, a new report says Chris Cuomo took part in strategy conference calls with his governor brother on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations,” cohost Dana Perino said, going on to read a statement from CNN.

“It was an inappropriate to engage in conversations that include members of the governor’s staff which Chris acknowledges he will not participate in such conversations going forward,” the statement read.

Cohost Jesse Watters responded first, saying that CNN’s first problem was in calling Chris Cuomo a “journalist” rather than an opinion host. He also noted that female staffers at CNN might not like the idea that a regular anchor was advising a political figure on how to get out of sexual harassment claims against him.

“I did find it ironic that Cuomo on his show has mocked the idea of cancel culture yet advised his older brother to use cancel culture as an excuse to make his problems go away,” Watters continued.

“I think they’re both meatheads. I think it’s reprehensible and they obviously skipped the lesson in ethics. They should be ashamed of themselves,” Kennedy added. “The reporter who asked Governor Cuomo if he had the blood of dead New Yorkers on his hands, if his book is written on the backs of dead New Yorkers and he snapped at them and said, ‘These are lessons we should learn from the pandemic.’ The first one is don’t put Covid-positive patience in nursing homes with healthy people who then succumbed to the illness and die.”

“He hasn’t taken responsibility for that or the sexual harassment allegations, he’s blamed his accusers and if that’s the advice is brother is giving him, they should both be ashamed of themselves,” Kennedy concluded.