Michael Jordan Didn’t Stop A Pick-Up Game After A Guy ‘Almost Died,’ Says His Former Trainer

(Credit: Brian Bahr /Allsport via Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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One story tells you everything you need to know about Michael Jordan’s insane competitive spirit.

The Chicago Bulls legend’s former trainer Tim Glover spoke to Sports Illustrated about his new book “W1nning,” and a story is told about how Jordan didn’t stop a game after a guy “almost died,” according to the way SI put it. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Glover told the publication following about the situation:

What did he say in The Last Dance? I have a competition problem. So he was just like, ‘Hey, listen, are you O.K.?’ and the guy said, “Yeah, I’m fine.” We had already called 911, and the paramedics were on the way. The guy was breathing. He was sitting up, and MJ said, ‘Great, get him off the court. I have a game to win.’

Does this surprise anyone? Is there a single person on the planet that this story surprises? Michael Jordan’s intensity is second to none.

That dude wants to win at any cost, and that was made perfectly clear in “The Last Dance.” He would do anything to walk off the court with a W.

An ambulance was on the way, everything was fine and the guy was up and breathing. What more did you want Jordan to do?

He has a damn game to win! He’s not going to let a minor medical emergency get in his way.

Also, if you haven’t seen “The Last Dance” yet, then you should slap yourself. It’s the greatest sports documentary ever made and perfect look at Jordan’s awesome life mentality.