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ANALYSIS: ‘Action Civics’ Could Make Your Kids Into Progressive Activists

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Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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Activists are pushing “Action Civics” programs and curriculum in K-12 schooling across the country. Also known as “Civic Engagement,” “New Civics” or “Project-Based Civics” programs, action civics aim to infect U.S. civics with progressive political activism.

These programs assume students best acquire a civics education through direct political action, whether it be on behalf of gun control or climate change legislation, according to action civics group Generation Citizen. Traditional civics classes do not engage students enough because they focus on connecting political theories to the United States’ system of government, action civics groups argue. Why bother learning about the ideas of a group of white men from nearly 250 years ago when schools can tap into students’ pressing political concerns to propel students into political activism from an early age?