Katie Pavlich Tears Into ‘The Squad’ For ‘Lies’ On Israel That Preceded Anti-Semitic Mob Attacks

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Conservative political commentator Katie Pavlich slammed the group of progressive Democratic lawmakers known as “the squad” Friday for “lies” about Israel that came before the rise in anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish people across the country.

Fox News host Bill Hemer pointed out a Wall Street Journal article that said the “Democratic support for Israel has eroded.” Pavlich said she doesn’t think democratic support for Israel has eroded entirely, but the far-left lawmakers in “the squad” have pushed a false narrative.

“I wouldn’t say that overall democratic support for Israel has eroded but you certainly see this dishonest argument coming from the most radical factions of the Democratic Party,” she began. “The squad, Congresswoman Rashia Talib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, driving this issue based on lies.”

One of the lies that the lawmakers push, Pavlich said, is that Israel intentionally targets civilians in Gaza.

“That is not true. And now you’re seeing this rash of anti-Semitic attacks in the United States across the country after those statements were made,” she said.

Pavlich slammed The Washington Post and The New York Times for failing to put the attacks on Jewish people on their front pages.

“We’ve heard a lot over the last year about Asian lives matter, Black Lives Matter. I don’t see any hashtags for Jewish lives mattering,” she added. “In terms of this argument that, this is just about the Israeli government. It is not just about the Israeli government, this is about anti-Israel, anti-Semitic attitudes that have been inserted into the Democratic Party that people like speaker Nancy Pelosi have refused to really condemn and control.”

She said that “while the majority of Democrats have come out and been strong on the idea of allowing Israel to defend itself against a terrorist organization, which quite frankly is a very low bar, these four congresswomen have really been able to drive a false narrative which I think is resulting in a lot of what you are seeing in terms of attacks on Jews in American cities all across the country.”

Attacks against Jewish people have risen in the United States while the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians escalated in the Middle East. Videos posted on social media captured a brutal incident Thursday where a Jewish man was beaten in Times Square and others were harassed by a pro-Palestinian mobs. One such mob threw fireworks and shouted profanities. (RELATED: CNN Condemns ‘Abhorrent’ Pro-Hitler Tweets From Freelance Contributor, Says He Will Not Work With Company In ‘Any Capacity’ Again)

“He was going to a pro-Israel rally and wearing his yarmulke and he got ambushed, they climbed out of a van and basically pounded him into the street,” said Barry Borgan, whose son Joey, 29, was the victim.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned the “disturbing” anti-Semitism that they’ve seen across social media platforms, including more than 17,000 tweets with variations of the phrase “Hitler was right” that were posted between May 7 and May 14.

The organization said they “received more reports of possible anti-Semitic incidents since the conflict broke out in Israel, with 193 reports in the week after the crisis began, up from 131 the previous week,” the ADL said.