Ted Cruz Has Some Savage Words For The ‘Woke Cancer’ In US Military Turning Soldiers Into ‘Pansies’

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Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slammed the “woke cancer” in the U.S. military Friday on Fox News.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner asked Cruz about his reaction to an advertisement for the military. Faulkner played a video that went viral on social media comparing an advertisement for the Russian military to the one for the U.S. military. The U.S. military ad featured a woman who said she was raised in California by two moms and “marched for equality” as a child.

One social media user commented on the video and said “we are so doomed,” while Cruz called the advertisement “ridiculous.” (‘Holy Crap’: Sen. Cruz Reacts To Video Comparing Russian Military Ad To ‘Woke, Emasculated’ US)

“The men and women of our military our soldiers, and sailors, and airmen, and marines, are the toughest, most ferocious, and effective fighting force on the face of the planet,” he said.They are the reason we are free. They are the reason we have our rights.

Cruz slammed “democratic politicians,” “woke lefty bureaucrats,” and “lefty media reporters” for trying to turn the American military into “a bunch of pansies.”

“The job of the military is to kill the bad guys and it is to strike fear in the enemies of America,” he said.People sign up to join the military because they want to keep us safe. They don’t want to sit around a circle emoting and passing daisies back and forth. They want to train to defeat the enemies and protect America.”

“That’s what our military should be doing,” Cruz added. “And the Democrats and the media, what they’re doing is profoundly dangerous and it’s profoundly disrespectful.” (RELATED: REPORT: The Pentagon Runs Secret Army Of 60,000 Around The World)

The senator compared the military ad to a CIA ad that featured a woman who said she was a “cisgender millennial” with “anxiety disorder.”

“I don’t need James Bond or Jason Bourne to have an anxiety disorder,” Cruz said. “I need them to be able to find out who the terrorists are that are trying to kill us so that we can kill them before they kill us.”

Cruz said that the rights of people in the military should be protected, but that the organization “should be on being effective in defending the nation.”

“I don’t care if you are a left-handed lesbian who rides a unicycle,” he continued. “That doesn’t matter, if you want to sign up to defend the nation, sign up and defend the nation, and train to do that. That’s what the soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines want to do. And these crazy leftist politicians are trying to turn it into a faculty lounge and a love-in instead of the finest fighting force on the face of the planet.”