Eliminate Pollens And Bacteria From Your Nasal Passages With The Naväge Starter Bundle

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Most people clean all the exterior parts of their body, but they often forget one of the most important. Especially anyone who suffers from allergies or hay fever. Your nose is the entry for pollen and airborne germs, and the Navage Nasal Care Starter Bundle will get you on track to keep it clean.

Make good nasal hygiene part of your daily routine with this bundle, which includes everything you need to get your routine down pat. It starts with the nose cleaner, which uses powered suction to flush out germs, bacteria, allergens, and mucus. It brings sinus relief, reduces congestion, and allows you to breathe easier and deeper. That, in turn, will help with snoring and give you better sleep.

You’ll get sea salt to mix with purified water to flush out your nasal passages. The packet will yield 8 ounces of saline with a shelf life of four years. You’ll also get eucalyptus pods, which add a refreshing sensation to your nasal cleansing.. The oil will mix with the sea salt and water for special saline that will calm your nose.

You’ll also get a nasal dock and nose pillow, made from medical-grade silicone for comfort and durability. The nasal dock has a 360-degree rotation to allow flow from right to left, or left to the right nostril. And finally, you’ll receive a triple-tier countertop caddy to allow your device to air dry between uses. It keeps it from resting on the counter or in a drawer where other bacteria may reside.

Users have found this device to be a great benefit to their health, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The entire unit comes with a travel bag, allowing you to take it on the road with you when necessary.

The Navage Nasal Care Starter Bundle is normally priced at $134, but for a limited time, it can be yours for just $99.95, a savings of 25 percent.

Prices subject to change.


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