Bill De Blasio’s Endorsement For Any Mayoral Candidate Could Bury Their Chances 6 Feet Below, Poll Says

(Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

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Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endorsement is likely to hurt any Democratic candidate’s chances, a Monday poll’s results indicate.

The poll, commissioned by the Hotel Workers for Stronger Communities PAC, showed that among 1,100 likely Democratic primary voters, 40% said they were “less likely” to support de Blasio’s choice.

Only 28% of respondents said they would be “more likely” to vote for a candidate with the current mayor’s approval, according to The New York Post.

The voters who chose “much more likely” accounted for only 10% of the respondents in the poll, while those who said that de Blasio’s pick would be “much less likely” to receive their vote made up 29% of those surveyed.

“Mayor de Blasio’s endorsement is persuasive to less than 3 in 10 voters … By a 40 percent to 28 percent margin, Mayor de Blasio’s endorsement is a net negative,” an analysis that accompanied the poll read, according to The New York Post.

All seven candidates registered in the New York City’s mayoral race as of October 2020 claimed at the time they would not accept de Blasio’s endorsement, The New York Post reported. (RELATED: Andrew Yang Loses Lead In New Democratic Primary Poll For New York City Mayor)

“I’m gonna decide if I think it makes sense to get involved. I don’t rule it in, I don’t rule it out,” de Blasio said at May 17 press briefing when asked if he was planning on making an endorsement.

“I remain open to it. And when we get closer, I’ll have something to say,” he concluded.