CDC Silent On Restrictions Guidance For Unvaccinated COVID-19 Survivors

(Photo by Erin Clark-Pool/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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The Centers For Disease Control still won’t release guidance on what behavior is safe for unvaccinated individuals who have recovered from COVID-19.

The CDC has failed to respond to multiple inquiries from the Daily Caller about whether or not the agency will update its restrictions guidance for unvaccinated people who survived COVID-19. Numerous studies have shown that individuals previously infected with COVID-19 possess antibodies granting them a degree of natural immunity, and some research has suggested natural immunity may rival the efficacy of a vaccine.

One study from Qatar found that individuals who made a full recovery from COVID-19 may possess up to 95% effective immunity against serious reinfection, which is in the same range as the protection provided by vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. Others have shown that individuals possess antibodies for a number of months after being infected, and reinfection during that time period is relatively unlikely in most populations. (RELATED: Where’s The CDC Guidance For People Who Recovered From COVID-19?)

The one demographic that does not seem to benefit as much from natural immunity is the elderly; one study indicated that people 65 and older may barely have half the protection against reinfection as their younger peers.

Still, the CDC’s refusal to address the third group of Americans — unvaccinated populations who have recovered from COVID-19 — along with vaccinated and unvaccinated people, ignores a potentially sizable group of people who could safely re-enter the economy and public life. (RELATED: The CDC’s Guidance Change Can’t Have Been Driven By Science)

The agency’s recent guidance indicates a focus on pushing more Americans toward vaccination, rather than strictly following science. Research showing the high efficacy of vaccines was public months before officials relaxed restrictions for vaccinated individuals, and both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have issued ultimatums in recent weeks: get vaccinated, or continue to wear a mask.

Instead of providing behavioral guidance for previously infected individuals the agency simply recommends that people with natural immunity still get vaccinated, since it’s not entirely clear how long natural immunity lasts or how strong it is.