Drone Captures Footage Of 40 Illegal Immigrants Being Chased By Border Patrol Agents

(Screenshot/FOX News)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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A drone operated by Fox News Flight Team on Sunday captured exclusive footage of about 40 illegal migrants running towards La Joya, Texas, near the southern border.

One part of the video shows a Border Patrol agent running behind the mostly-male group on foot as they try to flee towards the country. The men are seen climbing fences, jumping across streams, with some stumbling over them, all in an attempt to avoid being detained by authorities, according to Fox News.

Another part of the video shows a different agent, vastly outnumbered, chasing the group in his truck. (RELATED: Tennessee Republicans Send Letter To DHS, HHS Calling For Answers Over Facilities Used To House Illegal Immigrants)

Authorities managed to take into custody approximately half of this migrant group, the outlet reported. The rest of the group is assumed to have fled in different directions — some into the country, others fleeing back.


Two of the migrants caught on camera were handcuffed together, according to Fox News, suggesting that they were in custody before they ran away.

Another group of 53 undocumented immigrants surrendered to Border Patrol on Sunday, choosing to turn themselves in, instead of running away, Fox News reported. Members of this group reportedly hailed from parts of Romania, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras.

The incidents on Sunday are part of the ongoing crisis at the southern border. The U.S.-Mexico border is witnessing an unprecedented surge in illegal aliens trying to enter the U.S.

The large inrush of illegal aliens trying to enter U.S. unlawfully since the crisis began more than three months ago has resulted in a housing crisis, with the Biden-Harris administration spending $60 million per week of taxpayer money to provide shelter for unaccompanied minors.