POLL: Fewer People Think Sharing US Customs And Traditions Are Important To Being ‘Truly American’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A new poll out has found fewer people think sharing U.S. customs and traditions are important to being “truly American.”

Pew Research Center published Tuesday the results of a 2020 survey that showed the idea of what makes a person “truly American” has changed in the last few years across the political spectrum. (RELATED: Poll: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith Picked To Lead World in Case Aliens Invade)

The number of Republicans who said sharing American customs and traditions was important has dropped from 89 percent in 2016 to 86 percent in 2020. (RELATED: Poll Shows Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Should Lose Royal Titles)

The number of Democrats who believe in the same ideas has sharply dropped over the last four years, from 79 percent who believed that was true in 2016 to 59 percent in 2020.

The poll also showed fewer Republicans now believe being a Christian or being born in the United States is important to being “truly American,” with 63 percent in 2016 to 48 percent four years later, and from 60 percent for the later part to 46 percent in the recent survey respectively.

For Democrats, the drop was even sharper for those that believe to be a “truly American” one must be born in the U.S. with 50 percent in 2016 to half that number four years later.