Gov. DeSantis Calls Out People ‘Still Wearing Six Masks’ After Being Vaccinated

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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out people who are vaccinated but are “still wearing six masks” during a Wednesday speech.

“I think they sent, one of the corporate media outlets sent some reporter down, they were trying to make fun of Baker, saying ‘oh these yokels are having kids go to school, how crazy are these people,’ right,” DeSantis said. “The crazy people are the ones that are vaccinated and still wearing six masks in New York City.”

DeSantis was giving a speech in Baker County to celebrate the district’s embrace of in-person learning, which the governor has repeatedly advocated for. He has also called for school districts to stop forcing children to wear masks. (RELATED: Ron DeSantis Calls Florida ‘America’s West Berlin’ After COVID-19 Response)

“These kids do not need to be wearing these masks. OK? I’m sorry, they don’t,” the Florida governor said when addressing the state’s reopening plans in early May. “We need to be able to let them be kids and let them act normally, that’s what should be the case in the fall throughout the school year.”

Richard Corcoran, Florida’s education commissioner, also requested in a letter that school districts remove mask mandates for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

DeSantis has been a fierce advocate for school reopening since 2020. Florida’s department of education issued an emergency order on July 6 that ordered all brick and mortar schools to open full-time in August, and as a result, DeSantis was sued by teachers’ unions who were against resuming in-person learning.